Finding motivation can often be far easier than staying motivated, especially when life starts to get in the way. Battling a hectic schedule, juggling work life balance, changes in weather and competing priorities can so easily unravel us on the journey to achieving a goal. So arm yourself with the next 7 tips to stay motivated.


Tip 7: Change your tuneMotivation Grass

Ever heard of attitude is everything? The way you see the world, including your goal or task has the ability to make or break you. When hitting a motivational slump, try viewing the pursuit of your goal as a privilege. Think about it – it really is a privilege to embark on a journey of personal growth. There are people out there in the world who would give anything to be in your position. Remind yourself this is a choice, but you’re lucky enough to even have this choice in the first place.


Tip 8: Connect to your big WHY

Remind yourself why you are doing this. If it’s a weight loss goal, it might be to remind yourself that you’re losing weight for health, to feel confident in a bikini or to have more energy to play with your children. If you give up or sabotage your efforts, you won’t be any closer to the big reason you started. Find the deepest reason inside yourself as to why you want this. This is your driving force. This is what makes you do things on purpose. When you connect to this driving force, it provides you with a unique form of energy and inner motivation.

Motivation Scissors

Tip 9: Cut yourself some slack

But not too much slack. Learn when to give yourself a break and learn when you need to give yourself some tough love (or concrete to harden the f**k up).


Tip 10: Squash limiting beliefs

Seriously – human beings have such phenomenal potential and yet, we continually hold ourselves back in life. If there’s a will, there’s a way!


Tip 11: We’re emotional

Emotions and feelings play a major role in our motivation and we can’t ignore this. But try and use them to your advantage. Recognize when a bad mood or negativity can bring on procrastination and plan for the worst.


Tip 12: Learn the art of patience

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Some things need serious patience…

Our modern world has hard wired us to want results now, now, now! And when we don’t see instant results, we give up. You need to understand that for most goals in life, there is no instant gratification, even after significant output. Sure, it’s only fair to want a result after all the effort you are putting in. And it will come in due time. Patience is key.


Tip 13: Never underestimate the power of reward

Have you noticed when you feel good, life seems so much easier? Rewards make us feel good too. It motivation is an issue for you, perhaps reward yourself when you accomplish one of your mini goals along the way. Ran 10km’s today instead of 8km’s? You could reward yourself with a massage. Lost 5 of the 10 kilo’s you were wanting to lose? You could reward yourself with a brand new gym outfit.


Tip 14: Positive self talkMotivation Rainbow

Our minds have a nasty habit of focusing on all the things we do wrong… and never letting us forget. Would we berate our friends like that? No! So, why is it acceptable for us to speak to ourselves that way? You are a human being doing the best you can. Next time your mind wants to point out how poorly they think you’re doing, try and focus on some of the great things you do well. It’s easier said then done, but give it a go and see what happens.