Michael on a bike

Michael Jephcott – Functional Movement Expert

Michael Jephcott is a Myotherapist, Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, and he is more than a little obsessed with Functional Movement.

Functional Movement is the ability to move the body with proper muscle and joint function for effortless, pain-free movement.

Join us in our series of blog posts where Michael attempts to explain how important it is to be able to move properly.


Can You Touch Your Toes?

Being able to touch your toes is a natural pattern we possess as humans.  It enables us greater potential to move better, though unfortunately it is easily lost.

Here, I’ll show you a quick fix that helps you to regain this pattern. It involves tricking the nervous system into changing the neurological pattern. You’re basically pulling the wool over your bodies’ eyes.

You’ll get better results if you’re warm to start with, so go for a walk or spin on a bike.

First, try and see how far you get when you try to touch your toes.  This will give you a good basis for comparison later on.

Feet together.  Hands overhead.  Breath in through your nose.  On the way down, breathe out through the mouth.

Then measure your range.  How did you go?


First Toe Touch

How far down can you get?


Now, all you need is a plank of wood and a towel. Roll the towel up and place it between your knees and squeeze it.

Go on the board with your feet up. Feet together.

Stand up straight, arms up, and breathe in.  As you breathe out, bend down to touch your toes.  Once you get to the first point of stretch in your hamstrings, squeeze the towel with you knees really hard, and you’ll go a little further.

After that, bend with the knees to cheat, so you’re touching your toes.

Repeat 10 times



Do exactly the same thing with your heels elevated.  Repeat 10 times.

Get off, on a flat surface, get rid of towel, and retest.  You’ll see how much further you’ll get.



Do this once a day and eventually you’ll be able to touch your toes.


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