Are you going hard with your footy club this year?  Smashing out the PB’s in your running? Cracking the whip at Crossfit?

Are you sore?

You need an Athlete’s Lounge Membership.

If you’re going to go hard, you need to go hard on your recovery too.  It’s not just about resting your muscles and suffering through the dreaded DOMS. You want to make sure that the increased activity doesn’t lead to injury.

It’s about reducing inflammation, flushing out waste products, improving circulation, promoting faster cell regeneration.  All so you can get out there quicker and do it all again.

And that’s where we can help.

Athlete’s Lounge Memberships


At Fluid, we have state-of-the-art sports recovery equipment, normally only available to sporting clubs and top-level athletes.  This includes ice and contrast baths, recovery pump compression boots and overalls, and far infrared sauna.  And with a Recovery Centre Membership, you can access this equipment as many times as you like, seven days a week.

A casual Sports Recovery Session at Fluid is $55, and includes use of the contrast baths, recovery pump boots and the far infrared sauna.

With an Athlete’s Lounge Membership, you get full and unlimited access to:

  • Ice and Contrast Baths
  • Recovery Pump Boots and Overalls
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Discounted use of the Hyperbaric Chamber ($40 per session instead of $65)
  • 10% off all products and services including Myotherapy and Remedial Massage
  • Priority use of all equipment
  • Available seven days a week

You can choose the membership package that suits you, for however long you want it to go for.  And the longer you sign up for, the cheaper it gets.  Choose from:

  • 12 Month Platinum Membership – @ $25 per week. (Direct debited quarterly, $325 every three months)
  • 6 Month Gold Membership – @ $30 per week. (Direct debited quarterly, $390 upfront and in three months)
  • 3 Month Silver Membership – @ $35 per week. (Total $455 paid upfront)

We even offer mini-memberships if you want a taste of Sports Recovery bliss for a shorter period.  Chose from:

  • 2 month Mini Membership $390
  • 1 month Mini Membership $216


Obviously there’s huge benefits from a recovery perspective.  I haven’t been injured since I started coming here.  It’s the best my body has felt in 2 years. And the Recovery Centre is so relaxing, I feel like I’ve made myself a home here.”

Jo Oakeshott, Crossfit Weapon


Come in and see us and check out our facilities, or call us on 03 99391133 to find out more.  If you want to book a casual recovery session, you can click here.