Ever wandered out the back of our clinic to our Recovery Centre and seen our ice bath?

Curious? Interested? Thinking of diving in? We’ve come up with 6 cool* reasons to give it a go with us (*pun intended)


Faster muscle repair

Ice Baths Iceberg
If you’ve been smashing your body with ongoing training and you need to stay in tip top shape, ice baths may be key for you. Cold therapy constricts blood vessels and decreases metabolic activity, which reduces swelling, tissue breakdown and flushes out lactic acid. Once you’re out of the water, the underlying muscle tissues warm up, causing a return of faster oxygenated blood flow and primarily, helping your muscles recover.


Improved performance

Have you noticed how zapped you feel when working out on a really hot day, in a confined environment, dripping in sweat and desperately praying someone blasts the air con? That’s because one way to swiftly reduce athletic performance is through hot environmental temperatures. Paying attention to your core body temperature is crucial for athletes and ice baths are one of the most effective ways to lowering core body temperature.


Burns fat

Ice Baths icicle
That’s right ladies and gents! If you want to turn into a fat burning machine, try adding some cold therapy to your current regime. As human beings, we have two kinds of fat in our bodies – white fat and brown fat (sounds delicious, right?) White fat is the kind we are all trying to get rid of – the kind that seems to stick to our hips and thighs. Brown fat is the kind responsible for burning through calories at a very high rate – this is because it has the very important job of raising body temperature. In order for brown fat to raise body temperature, it needs to draw from another energy source – white fat! While this all sounds fantastic, be aware that this calorie burning frenzy only lasts for as long as you are exposed to the cold/ice. But the more ice/cold baths you do, the more you burn.



And fewer injuries.  Notice how people apply ice packs to an area they’ve injured pretty swiftly after it occurs? Think of an ice/cold bath as a gigantic ice pack for your whole body. It cools multiple, large muscle groups at once and far more efficient that applying ice to one area.



Better than a cup of coffee. If you want to feel more alert, awake and focused before or after a training session, skip the pre workout and jump in an ice/cold bath. It will have the desired affect without the caffeine come down.


Bragging Rights

Ice Baths Pool


You turn into a bonafide badass. Anyone that has plunged into an ice bath knows it takes serious focus to stay submerged in cold water. Heck, it’s even difficult for most of us to jump into a swimming pool on a sweltering hot day! You definitely need to “grow a pair” before dabbling in cold therapy. But, you earn major bragging rights!

Get out of your comfort zone. Ever heard the expression “Don’t knock it til you try it?” How can you know if something is or isn’t going to work for you, unless you actually try it out for yourself? If you’re keen, give us a call at the clinic and we can book you in!


What are the experts saying? If you want to channel your ‘inner nerd’ and read some research base evidence, here’s a couple of articles…



Wim Hof

Ever heard of the Wim Hoff method? Super cool Dutch dude that has spent 30 years developing a combination of specific breathing techniques, cold exposure and mind techniques and physical exercises to improve health and well being. He’s worth a look too:



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