This weekend only! Come to a Sports Recovery Session, bring a friend, and only pay for one. ($55 instead of $110)

If you’re feeling sore from training, or you need to freshen up before a race or a big game, this is the perfect place to do it.

Come for a full circit of our Athletes Lounge. Start in the ice bath, jump into the hot bath for contrast, then back into the ice (then hot, then ice, then hot… well, you get the idea).

After the baths, step into the far infrared sauna to further relax your sore muscles, and get a deep, detoxifying sweat on. Stay there for 20-30 minutes, and feel all your tension melt away.

Then, get dry and changed, and we pop you into the Recovery Pump boots. Lie back on our recliners and let the boots do all the work, as they inflate, squeeze your legs, relax your muscles, improve your circulation and switch you into Recovery mode.

You can even make use of our Active Recovery equipment before or after the session. Roll out on a myotherapy roller, get a trigger point ball into those sore spots, or spin out on our stationary bike. You’ll feel fresh as a daisy by the time you’re through.

This two-for-one special offer ends Sunday 8th of December. So call now to book on 03 99391133, or click here to book a session online.