Cooked muscles? Short on time? Come and have a dip in our ice bath for only $25.

Here at Fluid Health, we’ve got a range of sports recovery equipment, and you can do a full circuit of our Sports Recovery Centre (ice baths, contrast bath, far infrared sauna, recovery pump boot session and use of active recovery equipment) for only $55.

But if you’re pressed for time, there’s nothing better than a quick jump in the ice bath.

It’s just $25 for a single ice/contrast bath session, it’s the quickest way to get you energized and revitalised. You can choose to have just a quick dunk in the 9 degree water for a few minutes, or cycle through with our contrast protocol. Spend three minutes in the ice bath, three minutes in the hot bath (at a toasty 38 degrees), and repeat a couple of times.

It will only take you fifteen minutes to get your sore muscles cooled down and your circulation to fire up. If you’re a newbie, getting in an ice bath might sound scary at first, but give it a go and we promise you’ll feel fantastic afterwards.

Give us a call on 03 99391133 to book in, we’re open seven days and late nights too. You can book a full recovery session online here.

And if you love it, ask us about our membership options. For as little as $25 a week, you can get access to our ice baths as much as you like – perfect for the Wim Hoff enthusiasts out there.