Are you super-sore but can’t make it in for a treatment? We’ve got lots of things on the shelves for your home care.

If you’ve got cramping and soreness, you might be low in magnesium. It’s very common, and can cause twitches, cramps, fatigue, sleep problems and more. One study suggests that up to 75% of the population is not meeting their required magnesium intake.

Boost your magnesium levels with our Fluid Health Magnesium Oil Spray. Applied directly to the skin, the spray supplies a high dose of magnesium transdermally, allowing your body to absorb what it needs to regulate itself.

If you need a bit of added luxe, try our super-theraputic Muscle Recovery Bath Pack. Our packs combine pure magnesium chloride flakes with mineral-rich macrobiotic sea salt and detoxifying bentonite clay for the ultimate bath experience.

Muscle Recovery Bath Pack

Rub out your sore spots with our trigger point balls. We’ve got spiky ones and smooth ones in stock now, or you can grab a myo roller, and roll out your aching limbs on the floor.

Finally, Zen Herbal Liniment is our go-to for overworked and over-stressed muscles and joints. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go. You’ll be surprised at how much it can dial down your pain.

Pop into Fluid and grab something to help you today, your body will thank you. We’re open seven days, and taking bookings for massage and myotherapy appointments. You can click here to book an appointment.