Remedial Massage Therapist

When Adam started studying massage, he initially wanted to go no further than relaxation. But after seeing how helpful Remedial Massage can be, and how fascinating (and tricky) the human body is, his passion was ignited.

He began the bumpy, jagged road of studying his diploma in January of 2017. An acl reconstruction, kidney transplant, herniated lumbar disc and, of course, the global pandemic later, he graduated in October of 2021.

He connects with his clients by sharing his experiences and encouraging them to realise that ailments do not define them.

Adam’s passion for aiding and educating people in self care comes from observing how easily many (including his past self) resign themselves to “getting old” or “being built this way”.

Beyond treating people for everything from everyday wear and tear to acute injuries, Adam wants most of all to empower folks with knowledge that will keep them cartwheeling long after retirement.

– Remedial Massage

– Deep Tissue Massage

– Trigger Point Therapy

– Relaxation Massage

– Sports Massage

– Pregnancy Massage

– Assisted Stretching

Please contact Fluid Health Port Melbourne on (03) 9939 1133 to schedule an appointment with Adam or click here to book online..