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Sports Recovery Session
Recovery pump boots
Sports Recovery Session
Far infra-red sauna
Sports Recovery Session
Recovery for your whole team
Sports Recovery Session
Ice baths and contrast bath
Sports Recovery Session
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Sports Recovery Session
Active recovery equipment
Sports Recovery Session
Recovery boots, torso and arms available

We’re back!

The Sports Recovery Centre is open and bookings are available, but due to COVID-19 safety plans, we’ve had to make a few changes to how the sessions run.

Please choose your booking time carefully, and aim to arrive ten minutes early so you can start your session on time.  If you arrive late, this will cut into your session time.

The sessions are arranged so that you will do the ice/contrast baths FIRST, then the far infrared sauna, and finally the recovery pump boots. We allow 30 minutes in each.  If you are only wishing to use ONE of these, please call us so we can schedule you in correctly.

Only one person at a time is permitted through the baths and sauna, unless the other person is living at the same address as you, or is your intimate partner.

Please bring your own towels for the session.  NO TOWEL, NO SESSION.

Finally, if you have ANY symptoms of COVID-19 (cold/flu symptoms, shortness of breath or loss of smell and taste), please contact us so we can reschedule your session.

About the Sports Recovery Sessions

Our Sports Recovery Session are approximately 90 minutes, running you through a circuit of:

  • Ice bath
  • Contrast bath (hot)
  • Far infra-red sauna
  • Recovery Pump boots or overalls
  • Active recovery equipment (rollers, bands, trigger point balls, and stationary bike use.)

The Recovery Centre is open seven days a week – hours vary, but we will be offering evening sessions on Tuesday and Friday nights.  Extra sessions are available exclusively for Recovery Centre members.

Team Sessions are available for groups pre-and-post event by arrangement, please call us on 03 99391133 for more information.

Bring a towel, your water bottle, and your bathers.

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