Bowen Therapy

If you’ve experienced Bowen Therapy before, you’ll know just how powerful it can be.

Bowen Therapy

During a Bowen Therapy session, your practitioner will perform specific light stretching moves over the muscles in a particular sequence. This causes the body to relax and realign – all without painful manipulation or vigorous massage.

If you find deep tissue massage painful, then Bowen Therapy might be for you.


What is the fascia?

Bowen Therapy works by stimulating the fascia.

The fascia is one of the most important and understudied systems of the body. It is the connective tissue that covers every single organ, bone, muscle and tendon in the body.  The fascia carries nutrients through the body system, and it’s also a neuromuscular transmitter.

And the fascia itself is technically the largest organ in the body.


So how does Bowen Therapy work?

Bowen Therapy technique is designed to stimulate the fascia. When the practitioner lightly rolls their fingers over the muscle in a particular sequence, this stimulation triggers a response from proprioceptors.  Proprioceptors are specialized sensory receptors on nerve endings found in muscles, tendons and joints. The proprioceptors are what report tension and stretch within the muscles.  This provokes a reaction in the brain, and it will relax the associated muscle.

The result is a restoration of joint position and reduction in muscle tension, improving range of motion and reducing chronic pain.


What is Bowen Therapy used for?

The technique provides relief from pain and discomfort for a range of chronic and acute conditions including:

  • lower and upper back pain
  • frozen shoulder and shoulder pain
  • neck pain and restriction
  • headaches
  • tennis and golfers’ elbow
  • RSI
  • shin splints
  • ankle injuries
  • TMJ
  • poor circulation
  • sinus pain
  • sciatica


Used remedially or holistically, each treatment is individually designed and can cater for everyone from newborns to the elderly.


What to expect in your Bowen Therapy session

Your treatment will begin with an assessment to develop an accurate evaluation of the your current state of health. The practitioner will then begin with a series of gentle movements over the muscles. These moves are used either singularly or sequentially within strategically placed locations throughout the body.

The treatment includes a 3-minute waiting period between sequences.  This short rest time will give the body the opportunity to align and adjust.

At Fluid Health Port Melbourne we have one experienced Bowen Therapy practitioner, Jimmy Wilson.  To book an appointment, please call us on 03 99391133, or click here to book online.

Bowen Therapy Port Melbourne