Cooked muscles? Short on time? Come and have a dip in our ice bath for only $25.

Here at Fluid Health, we’ve got a range of sports recovery equipment, and you can do a full circuit of our Sports Recovery Centre (ice baths, contrast bath, far infrared sauna, recovery pump boot session and use of active recovery equipment) for only $55.

But if you’re pressed for time, there’s nothing better than a quick jump in the ice bath.

It’s just $25 for a single ice/contrast bath session, it’s the quickest way to get you energized and revitalised. You can choose to have just a quick dunk in the 9 degree water for a few minutes, or cycle through with our contrast protocol. Spend three minutes in the ice bath, three minutes in the hot bath (at a toasty 38 degrees), and repeat a couple of times.

It will only take you fifteen minutes to get your sore muscles cooled down and your circulation to fire up. If you’re a newbie, getting in an ice bath might sound scary at first, but give it a go and we promise you’ll feel fantastic afterwards.

Give us a call on 03 99391133 to book in, we’re open seven days and late nights too. You can book a full recovery session online here.

And if you love it, ask us about our membership options. For as little as $25 a week, you can get access to our ice baths as much as you like – perfect for the Wim Hoff enthusiasts out there.

January 4, 2020

New Year New You!

Welcome to 2020! Here at Fluid Health, we’re starting the New Year with a bang.

This month, if you leave us a review on Google, you’ll go in the draw to win a Recovery Centre Mini Membership, worth $216. That’s unlimited sessions in our ice baths, contrast baths, far infrared sauna and recovery pump boots, plus 10% discounts on all products and services, for the entire month.

Those of you that have been in for a Sports Recovery Session before know how valuable proper recovery can be, so get in it to win it!

If you’ve never been in to Fluid Health before, come on in and see what we can offer you. If you’ve made some fitness resolutions this year we can definitely help.

We’ve got your soft tissue needs covered with a wide range of services and equipment, from massage and myotherapy treatments to ice baths and infrared saunas.

Take your training to the next level with sports massage, local cryotherapy, cupping and needling. Or if you need something gentle, we’ve got Bowen therapy, remedial massage and manual lymphatic drainage to help ease pain and discomfort.

Call us today to make an appointment on 03 99391133, or click here to book online.

December 10, 2019

Christmas at Fluid Health

We’re here for you over the holiday period.

If you’re feeling sore, tense, achy, or just in need of a good massage treatment, we’re available seven days a week, with late nights every weeknight.

And we’re still here over Christmas. We’ll only be shutting the clinic on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Our experienced and excellent practitioners are available for bookings right through to the New Year and out the other side, and in some case doing extra hours to make sure our clients are looked after.

Our Recovery Centre is also open until December 21. We’ll be doing extra hours and extra sessions leading up to then, so if you need an ice bath, far infrared sauna or recovery pump boots, jump on here and book a session now.

The Recovery Centre will be closed from December 21 and will be reopening January 5 2020.

Don’t forget the gift vouchers! Choose a special gift for your loved one – give them the gift of good health. Give us a call on 03 99391133 to arrange an e-voucher for a treatment or a sports recovery session, or pop in and see us to grab a physical voucher in a pretty envelope to give as a gift.