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Don’t spend the Easter break in pain.

We’re open all throughout the holidays, so if you have an injury to manage, if you’re feeling tense or sore, if you’ve gone too hard in training… give us a call.

All our offerings are available to book, for every day of the holidays. We’ve got practitioners available to look after you, and appointments are available now.

For remedial massage, sports massage, myotherapy, cupping, dry needling, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and more, click here to choose your date and preferred practitioner, and book an appointment now.

Our Sports Recovery Centre is open too, so if you need ice baths, contrast baths, far infrared sauna and recovery pump boots, book here now. Session times are limited so get in quick.

Have a great Easter!

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It’s the Labour Day long weekend here in Victoria, and as usual, we’re here if you need us.

We’ve got appointments available for both Sunday and Monday, so if you’re feeling sore and tired, give us a call.

Remedial massage, sports massage, myotherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, ice baths, far infrared sauna… we’ve got it all.

Book online here or call us on 03 99391133

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December 19, 2020

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas Massage

Give the gift of feeling good with one of our online personalized gift vouchers.

We’ve got so many options to suit everyone, all packaged up into one perfect gift.

Maybe your loved one is a fitness nut and needs a good sports massage, or perhaps your friend has been feeling sluggish and want to try Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Give them a gift voucher for Christmas, and your buddy can personalize their session to treat whatever their body needs.

Choose from 45 minutes through to a 90 minute treatment, and your loved one can receive remedial massage, myotherapy, cupping, needling, manual lymphatic drainage massage and much more.

You design the gift card yourself, including choosing one of our specially-designed holiday images. Write whatever message you want, and send it directly to the reciever or print it out to give it to them in person.

Click on one of the buttons below to purchase a treatment gift voucher now.

Have you got a sporty friend who needs a great gift? We’ve now got online gift vouchers to our Sports Recovery Centre. For only $60, your friend can get a full 90 minute Sports Recovery Session, including ice baths, hot contrast bath, far infrared sauna and Recovery Pump boots.

Buy your mate a Sports Recovery Session here:

Christmas Ice Bath
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