December 4, 2019

Two for One Sports Recovery

This weekend only! Come to a Sports Recovery Session, bring a friend, and only pay for one. ($55 instead of $110)

If you’re feeling sore from training, or you need to freshen up before a race or a big game, this is the perfect place to do it.

Come for a full circit of our Athletes Lounge. Start in the ice bath, jump into the hot bath for contrast, then back into the ice (then hot, then ice, then hot… well, you get the idea).

After the baths, step into the far infrared sauna to further relax your sore muscles, and get a deep, detoxifying sweat on. Stay there for 20-30 minutes, and feel all your tension melt away.

Then, get dry and changed, and we pop you into the Recovery Pump boots. Lie back on our recliners and let the boots do all the work, as they inflate, squeeze your legs, relax your muscles, improve your circulation and switch you into Recovery mode.

You can even make use of our Active Recovery equipment before or after the session. Roll out on a myotherapy roller, get a trigger point ball into those sore spots, or spin out on our stationary bike. You’ll feel fresh as a daisy by the time you’re through.

This two-for-one special offer ends Sunday 8th of December. So call now to book on 03 99391133, or click here to book a session online.

Do you need a loooong treatment? Has it been a while between massages? Does every single muscle in your body feel tight and tired? Are you craving an extra-extra-long, therapeutic and relaxing deep-tissue massage?

This week we welcome Ramy Girgis – 90 Minute Massage Master – to the Fluid Health team.

Is this you? Chained to your desk and feeling the pinch?

Ramy has a wealth of experience with remedial massage, and one of his favourite ways to treat pain and get you moving properly is to give you as long a treatment as possible; specifically, for 90 minutes and more.

His clients come and see him specifically for his ability and enthusiasm to treat for an extra long session, and his results speak for themselves.

Ramy easily combines a practice of methodical and clinical treatments with soothing relaxation massage. He’ll treat your trouble spots, and iron out the rest of the body over the full 90 minutes of your appointment time. You’ll walk out feeling as light as air.

Oooooh. Ouch. Best book in now.

Sometimes, overcoming stress is half the battle. Ramy treats holistically, and will ensure you are relaxed, comfortable and happy (even while treating some of those extra-sore spots!) As a result, over the full 90 minutes you can feel all the extra tension leaving your body as your cortisol levels drop, and you move into healing mode.

Treat yourself to a full 90 minute remedial massage today – only $143 Monday-Friday, and $148 weekends and public holidays. HICAPS is available so make the most of your private health extras, bring your card and only pay the gap.

Give us a call to book a 90 minute treatment with Ramy on 03 99391133, or book online by clicking here.

Wow a full body 90 minute treatment would be amazing right now.
October 5, 2019

Fresh Legs Promo!

Melbourne Marathon is less than a week away. You’ve done the hard work, done the training, and put in the miles on your legs. Taper is here; the countdown is on.

Get yourself in tip-top shape for the big day. For this week only, come in and freshen up your legs at Fluid Health with this extra special special:

  • 30 minute Leg Flush Sports Massage
  • 30 minute Recovery Pump Boot Session

For the bargain price of $80!

It’s one hour of perfect pampering for your poor, tired legs, and specifically designed to get you to the start line in the best shape possible.

Give us a call on 03 99391133 to book in for this extra special special, or book a 30 minute treatment online with your favourite practitioner, and write the code FRESH LEGS in the notes when you book. We’ll take care of you from there!