Our treatment prices are based on time spent in the room and can include consultation, treatment, exercise prescription and demonstration.

Treatment Prices

Prices Monday – Friday

30 minutes –  $88

45 minutes – $108

60 minutes – $118

90 minutes – $153

Prices Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

30 minutes –  $88

45 minutes – $113

60 minutes – $123

90 minutes – $163

Certain modalities cannot be booked for shorter sessions, as we may require more time to complete the treatment to achieve the desired result.

For example, we do not offer anything shorter than 45 minutes for Manual Lymphatic Drainage, as 45 minutes is the minimum time to complete the sequences required.

We endeavour to remain as flexible as possible with appointment times, and will often allow an extra fifteen minutes just in case it is needed. Your practitioner will discuss it with you if they need extra time to complete the service.

Book online here, or call 03 99391133 to speak with us directly.


Sports Recovery Centre Prices

Casual Recovery Session $60 (Ice/Contrast baths, Sauna and Recovery Pump Boots)

Ice/Contrast Baths Only $25

Far Infrared Sauna Session Only $40/person / $50/couple

Recovery Pump Boots Only $25

Ice/Contrast Baths and Sauna Combo Only $50

Memberships are available. Enjoy unlimited Sports Recovery Sessions with one month or two month memberships.

One Months Sports Recovery Centre Membership $216

Two Months Sports Recovery Centre Membership $400

Click here for more information on Sports Recovery Sessions


More package options are available on request.